Additional Features


Fully wireless terminals allow you to process sales directly on the shop floor

Price Books

Custom pricing bands for different customer groups or store locations

Staff Security

Improve cash drawer security with unique staff logins & access roles


Keep on top of your day-to-day payment management and quickly spot issues

Worldwide Opportunities

Support for all major currencies, time zones & tax configurations

Petty Cash Tracking

Monitor and report on your petty cash expenditure

Discount Rules

Automatically apply complex discounting rules at particular days & times

Track Staff Performance

See how your individual staff perform and identify training requirements

Raw Data Reports

Ability to export all your raw sales data for bespoke reporting requirements

Sell by Weight

Support for selling items by volume or weight

Order Printers

Send orders directly to kitchen and bar printers to speed up service

Table Functionality

Save orders to tables. Quickly and easily manage upcoming reservations

Label Pricing

Automatically print price & barcode labels for your inventory

Credit Accounts

Create top-up accounts for your customers to increase loyalty

Customisable Receipts

Easily editable receipts to match your branding

Digital Customer Cards

Apple Wallet integrated loyalty cards for the 21st century

Digital Receipts

No more lost receipts! Send via email with a couple of taps

Loyalty Program

Reward loyalty with a customisable scheme to match your business

& so much more!